Eclipse Project Problem with Android

I was working on my first Android problem the other day, and ran into a bug with the IDE.  I closed it down for the first time since creating and debugging the project, and then immediately restarted it.  One of my *.java files had an error on every line.  The console displayed a singular error just from opening the project:

"[2010-07-09 14:03:48 - DemoAllFeatures] Project has no file! Edit the project properties to set one."

Jeebus im a slacker

Wow, I haven't posted here in months.  Awesomeness.


I had something incredibly important to tell the world, but then I forgot my password, had to reset it, figure out which email client the reset went to, get webmail to behave, change my password, then navigate here.  Now I forgot what I wanted to say.

Internet acronyms

My good friend JahJeff knows what "ftw" means, but does not know what "afk" means.  I'm astounded.

Joe Wilson was racist? are you kidding me?

Heard on npr today, and saw this on msnbc, that Joe Wilson's outburst was fueled from racism.  I think thats outrageous.  Whether or not Joe Wilson actually is racist, how can someone determine it was a racist comment from 2 words?  

I think that that real problem is people blaming disagreements and confrontations on racism.  Maybe we could take an extra 30 seconds and try to find another cause.  I often feel like people blaming things on racism just perpetuates the thought.

Web based copy and paste

A friend of mine, Kris, put together a cool little web based tool designed to easily transfer text based data from one machine to another, regardless of platform.  Point your browser at SnippiShare and check it out


Lost another softball game, 14-3. Terrible hitting on our part.

Bing vs Google

Conversation overhead by coworkers:

Coworker 1 - "I'm really starting to only use Bing now"

Coworker 2 - "Ya me too, it gives you the right answer more often than not, as opposed to taking you to a site that has nothing to do with what you asked"

My world is ending.

Big Creek Greenway Trail

Just got done talking a walk on the brand new Big Creek Greenway Trail, off of Exit 13, Bethelview. The construction was impressive - a combination of 12 foot wide planks and fencing, and paved cement. Lots of people everywhere - bikes, walkers, runners, even scooters. It was pretty impressive.

Drewcifer in Alaska

Natural lit photo of Andrew on an Alaskan Cruise, May 2009